Paul and Noustha are both passionate about water sports. We love to share this with you in a private customized setting.

Paul was brought up with a love for fishing and boats. As a little kid he fished for eels in the Nederlands and drove around in his father’s boat. When he was 18 he owned his first boat. He visited Bonaire 26 times in 10 years. After that, he realized that this Caribbean island would be a better home for him. Now he is living in Bonaire with a seaworthy boat. He is hooked on the big game of fishing.

Noustha loves to put her creativity underwater. She started her underwater photography with models in swimming pools. But soon she realized that it would be way more challenging to do underwater photoshoots in the Caribbean Sea. She is known for the Dutch TV program ‘Het Perfecte Plaatje’. Everybody can book underwater photoshoots with her.

In 2014 she started diving in Bonaire. After that, she was hooked and wanted to learn more. Now she is a dive instructor and loves to show you the beautiful underwater world of Bonaire.